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Mindful Yoga & Meditation for women who need a little calm in their lives.








Kind Words


Attending Tina’s yin yoga class each week not only helps me physically by improving my flexibility, energy and posture but also helps me mentality through Tina sharing her personal stories about the ups and downs of being a Mum.  It’s more than yoga for me when I go to Tina’s class – it’s about walking away feeling more motivated and empowered than I did when I walked in.

Caroline Kaskani

Tina’s classes are some of the most nurturing yoga classes available in Melbourne. Her style of yoga is all about connection, it’s kinda like I’m getting a big hug, or a soothing massage whilst practicing yoga. Tina shares her life experiences and yogic wisdom with us during classes, all in a very relatable manner, making her classes extra special.

Mandy Dore, Owner, Madam Heap
Tina has such an amazing way with words, her yoga classes are something very special.  Tina’s classes take us on a journey, and after just one hour with this amazing teacher both my body and mind feel completely restored and balanced.
I enjoyed every minute of Tina’s unique retreat, such a great mix of thought provoking classes, beautiful yoga and pure relaxation.  Every detail was thought of and everyone was welcomed with such warmth and love
Jane , White Lightly Jewellery
Tina has the ability to slowly and gently immerse you in yin yoga. The philosophy and the practice naturally find their way when what your body needs and what your mind wants join. She allows you to gently find your zone and helps you to connect with yoga in a place that makes you comfortable and centred.
Her retreats are a mix of all the things that the mind and the body need – solitude and silence, stretching and stillness, comfort and company, nourishment and feasting. All set against the backdrop of amazing destinations that put you in a mental and physical space to open yourself up to change.
Jodie Artis, Progressive PR
I cannot say enough about this beautiful human being!
Tina teaches from the heart.
True to her name, Tina’s incredibly warm, all embracing style of teaching restores, realigns and reboots me on every level.
She meets people with presence at every point on their journey, whether you are a beginner, advanced or anything in-between, she has the knowledge to always enhance your experience.
My practice with her has grown to become one of my non-negotiable items, on my list of treasured self care rituals.
Rebecca Giorgill, Thalia Skin

Tina’s yin yoga classes always leave me in a state of bliss. Tina brings such a calm and personal energy to her classes.  When suitable she’ll share some of her own experiences overcoming pain and her words and anecdotes always seem to perfectly complement the yoga poses and my own needs for encouragement and inspiration. If you want to feel restored and rejuvenated in a gentle but effective way, you’ll love Tina’s yoga classes.

Dr Christina Tolstrup, TCM Practitioner
The flow of the retreat was perfect.  I felt like there was just the right amount of everything – plenty to fill the days but not so much that I felt “scheduled”.
 The carefully selected gifts made me feel really special – it was like Christmas! The yoga mat, beach towel, room spray, eye pillow and affirmation cards are all gorgeous and are items I am loving using every day since coming home.
 The location, the house, the food, the yoga, the coaching session, the massage, the silent walk, the coffee etc…. all of it was so enjoyable and rejuvenating.
Nikki Reynolds





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