Timetable for Madam Heap


Price is $20 for a casual visit.


I am also available for one-on-one sessions by appointment.



I am a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher with an Advanced Diploma in Yoga from The Australian Yoga Academy. I have also completed a 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Yin Yoga with Jennifer Crescenzo. My personal experience in dealing with a chronic pain condition led me to become part of the ‘Yoga for Pain Community.’ Having trained with Rachael West, creator of Finding Yoga, I am listed as a specialised teacher in Yoga for Pain Management.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga, is a slower ‘Yin’ style of Yoga which heals by softening stiff muscles, releasing tight joints and calming the mind. Yin Yoga complements a more Yang style of vinyasa yoga and balances any existing active exercise routine. These days we live in a fast hectic world where we are often multitasking and rushing. Yin gives you permission to slow down and practice ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Poses are held for longer periods of time and are mostly done on the floor. It targets connective tissue and works into areas such as the spine, hips, upper body and lower body. You’ll focus on your breath and will experience an increase in energy flow as tension is released from the body. A great mindful practice which explores your range of motion.


Meditation to quieten your soul includes 45 minutes of guided pranayama, mindfulness meditation and deep Yoga Nidra. Each class will include practical relaxation techniques to help you reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall health. Leaving you heavily meditated.

Feeling Fulfilled

This is my new offering of a one-on-one Mindful Yoga session designed to dive deeper into your subtle energy body. Each private class is 90 minutes during which we explore all of the seven chakras working to release any blockages trapped in the tissues. Leaving the mat grounded and fully reconnected to your self.


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