Ease the Mental Load…

The Ocean House Lorne

Many of you would know that I don’t mind myself a nice Yoga Retreat. I’ve been fortunate to ‘research’ some of the best in the world. You could call me a relaxation addict with no plan to quit soon! What’s interesting is that each experience has been totally unique and different but they all had one thing in common. A solid intention on my behalf to put my health and wellbeing first. And it has payed off. Less pain, happier human and grateful Mum. It’s the best value for money and all worth it.

So, my radar detector was on high alert to find somewhere impressive locally and close enough so that most mums could get away, even if it was just for the weekend. To experience their own ‘time out’. Perhaps even their first Yoga Retreat. And it was quite difficult. There is not much around Australia, especially Victoria. Most retreats are held in Bali where there is plenty of choice and at low cost. But it’s just not practical for most Mums to go that far for that long. And then the Universe connected me with Jo from Mindful Tribes and we were able to collaborate to bring you something special…

The Ocean House in Lorne! This is the perfect retreat for tired mums who are wanting to take time out for themselves. Think of it as a girl’s weekend away, allowing you to get back to who you really are, child free. You will enjoy my own unique blend of  ‘Mindful Yoga’ which includes restorative poses, gentle yin yoga, meditation, yoga nidra to help you sleep, and even sound healing. The yoga will be tailored to each person’s ability, to create a safe and happy space to learn so please don’t be afraid if you have never practiced yoga before. Maybe you have practiced a little at home or already taken a class and want to know more. Or maybe you are already a more dedicated yin and hatha devotee wanting to explore this more fully. Beginners are absolutely welcomed as all our retreats are for the everyday person.

I like to place a real emphasis on slowing down in my teachings and hopefully I will be able to give you a few tools to take home with you. Overall, if you just need to escape to get some sleep then you are absolutely allowed to do just that. At the end of a long day kids don’t want a perfect mum, they want a happy mum.


Our retreats are so much more than yoga. From the minute you arrive you are looked after by our Mindful Tribes community with our unique experiences, workshops and lovingly designed menu.

Delicious, healthy food is a big focus for all our retreats and with this beautiful retreat we aim to exceed all expectations with our team from Annie’s Provedore, led by their very own private chef. The menu has been carefully curated with local, seasonal and fresh produce in mind and will be served around the beautiful, long farmhouse table.

We will showcase to you a beautiful side to the Surf Coast landscape, with walks in nature to clear the mind and allow you to relax and just be you. A major highlight will also be an in-house massage to relax you all the more.

Spaces are very limited. I would hate for you to miss out. So for more information and booking prices…