Find Pain Relief with your Daily Dose of Yoga…


“It’s more important to understand the imbalances in your body’s basic systems and restore balance, rather than name the disease and match the pill to the ill.” – Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

During my own healing journey, I’ve called on a smorgasbord of professionals from medical doctors and specialists to psychologists, to acupuncturists and chiropractors, and even woowoo metagenic angel energy therapy. Collectively they were amazingly helpful, however, on their own they were just one piece of the whole healing pie.

Chronic pain is complex and so are you! It requires a village. So finally when you come to the realisation that not one single individual can offer you a solid solution to your chronic condition you are left with turning to yourself. Yep, your own self care and intuition begins to matter. And where better to discover this than on your trusty yoga mat.

Yoga is holistic. It addresses the physical body, the mind and the spirit all of which is unique to each person. The yoga mat was the first place I discovered the possibility of experiencing a whole pain free hour. However, how do you ensure your own experience is a positive one?

What happens if your last class caused a flare up which turned you off the mat, or your energy is totally depleted, or your spirit feels broken because you had to call in sick to work yet again and cancel dinner with a friend, or you feel so anxious that the idea of relaxing or simply breathing is impossible, or you are feeling ashamed for depending on drugs once again.

Life is not always simple with persistent pain. You need to feel understood. You need to feel supported, but most of all, you need to feel empowered that you can actually DO the yoga. So if being in a specialised class with a teacher who ‘gets it’ will bring you to the mat then read on.

Through my own experience coping with chronic pain, I decided to study and become listed on the register of pain-sensitive teachers. It is my hope to introduce some of the large misconceptions related to pain and explore how my own style of Mindful Yoga has helped me find therapy on the mat and others overcome persistent pain. In my experience, it is much easier to be pain free in a relaxed body. So, join us for this 3 week series and learn how to….

  • Give yourself permission to slow down and move gently
  • Develop a new relationship with your breath and discover helpful rescue breathing techniques
  • Create a daily yoga practice and mindful rituals to help you stay present and connected
  • Develop an attitude of self compassion and love
  • Pay attention to your thoughts and your self talk language
  • Change your stinking thinking when you want to reach for the pills
  • Examine habits that may be exacerbating your pain
  • Get back to your nature and the laws of balance

It may be you who suffers or someone close to you but either way, it’s a very human condition which needs attention to the fact that you are definitely not alone. Learning how yoga and mindfulness can help will become a valuable tool to add to your pain management toolkit and connect you with a community of like minded people.

So don’t miss out on this very important discussion to reframe your understanding of a solution to managing and overcoming pain.

The three week series begins on Saturday the 8th of August. Bookings can be made via the Madam Heap website…