Attitude of Gratitude


‘Gratitude empowers us to overcome life’s imperfections’

Guru Singh

This quote is true because it is easy to be grateful when life is sailing along swimmingly on a sunny warm day. Gratitude becomes more of a practice during challenging times or during a fear-based state of survival. Gratitude is far more than being ‘thankful’. I can be thankful for family holidays, healthy children, a home over my head and my coffee machine. So so thankful. But to be grateful requires an embodied presence with the ordinary and mundane. Not a thing or an object but more a heart-felt state of being. So becoming aware of our planet and the fact that we are walking and sleeping on this huge breathing organism which feeds us and provides us with water and oxygen is so full of truth and ordinariness that Gratitude fills me up. I can’t help but feel connected to all beings. I am grateful for the elements of earth, air, water and fire and the laws of nature which exist in all of us. I never know each day how it will present itself to me. Sometimes it is in a flower opening up or a person who smiles at me. It’s always a surprise.

So it is with much creative spirit that Jane and I are super excited to host another Whitelightly event appropriately named the Gratitude Circle. Collectively we will meditate and flavour the energy in the room with Grace over cups of tea and chats. Following this, you will learn all about Jane’s passion for all things earth and the crystals and gem stones which make up her designs. The first evening sold out so act quickly to secure your place in the Circle. I can’t wait 🙂